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Privacy Policy

  1. Occipinti values you, the customer’s privacy and takes the upmost care in ensuring your personal data is not misused. All the data which is collected via our website will be processed in accordance of the Data Protection Act 1998. Your data will only be used with regards to your order and will not be passed on to third parties. Any links on Occipintis website are not covered under this privacy policy. It is therefore your duty to check all third party website privacy policy’s.
  2. Fraud Prevention and Detection: All payments for Occipinti products are made via the website through paypal. To help prevent fraud we use paypals protection plan for you the buyer and Occipinti the seller. If required we may release credit or debit card details to agencies working to inhibit fraud. We will be forced to take appropriate actions, should you supply us with false or fraudulent information, which we suspect to be misleading.
  3. Mailing List: By entering your email address you agree to receive the occasional email newsletter from us. You may opt out of this by following the appropriate link on the email or by contacting Occipinti directly. Occipinti values your privacy and will never pass on any of your details to third parties.